Make new words by changing one letter at a time. Can you turn one word into another in a limited number of steps?


Crack the code to reveal the quote in this classic cipher puzzle, or cryptogram.

Kriss Kross

The classic word-fit puzzle – POWGI style!


Find the missing letters to make a new word. Watch out for red herrings!


A crossword puzzle solved using logic – a POWGI exclusive!


Little crossword puzzles only have one letter missing, which come together to solve a clue!


Three overlapping circles hide three connected words. Can you unscramble them?

One Word 2

The word search puzzle with a difference returns with even more quotes to find – one word at a time!


Place pairs of letters on the petals to make six-letter words through the middle of the flower.

Word Search

With more than 300 puzzles to solve, Word Search by POWGI will keep you puzzling for hours!


The fiendishly difficult anagram game!  Unscramble the letters to reveal three different words.

One Word

The word search with a difference – there’s only one word to find!

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