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Orders are fulfilled by us. If you would like a copy signed by Katherine and Chris, please state this in the message field when ordering! We will each sign on the “K” and “C” cards!


How To Play

The instructions are included on rule cards in the game. We will clarify rules on this page if and when questions arise. Please see the video below for a quick overview!

@puzzlingbeats A quick overview of how to play Help Yourself by POWGI 😁 Available to purchase from the TikTok shop! #imadethis #cardgame #wordgame #powgi #helpyourself #helpyourselfbypowgi ♬ original sound – 🧩🎶 Katherine 🇬🇧👽👌

Player Sheets

Click here to download PDF player sheets.

One of the design goals with Help Yourself was to enable the largest number of people to play with the minimum components possible. You can take part in a game using any scrap of paper by simply drawing a tic-tac-toe grid, or use a phone or tablet by sketching on the screen or using a stylus.

For a more structured game (and, this is particularly recommended for new players) you can download our formatted player sheets, which will provide guidance on how words can be formed and scored.


Rule Clarifications

All words must be four letters or longer. Simply using the three letters from a row if they already spell a word is not valid.

The ‘?’ wildcard in the middle may be any letter, and the letter may be different in each line.

However, the wildcard must be used as a letter – it may not be skipped. For example on a row containing ‘S?P’ then ‘SAMPLE’ and ‘SOPRANO’ are valid words but ‘SPORT’ and ‘DISPLAY’ are not, as there is no letter between the ‘S’ and ‘P’.

Please contact us with rule questions so we can keep this list up to date!


Advanced Rules

The standard scoring of 2 points per word, and three possible bonus points encourages players to complete as many words as they can, sometimes resulting in many words of the wrong length in order to ensure their list is filled.

We propose the following scoring for advanced players, which will make a more challenging game as it encourages you to make more “perfect” words that fill all the bonus scoring criteria.

1 point per valid word
+1 bonus point for the correct start letter
+1 bonus point for the correct end letter
+1 bonus point for the correct length
+1 bonus point if all other bonus points have been achieved for the word

Still maximum of 5 points per word, 40 per round.

The standard rules do not prohibit using the same word for two or more lines in the same round, however for advanced play we would suggest enforcing this restriction so that all 8 words need to be different.