Daily Puzzles

Categories #17-142

Can you name a spicy food beginning with each of the letters shown?

Word Search #17-141

Can you find SENIOR in this little word search?

Word Wheel #17-140

Find as many words as you can using the letters shown, always using the middle letter. What’s the 9-letter word?

Word Maze #17-139

Start with “DENIM” and trace a continuous path through every letter to find 6 more textiles!

Mixups #17-138

Unscramble these letters to find 3 words that complete the phrase “Sweet ….”. Only one solution uses each letter once :o)

Crossovers #17-137

Only one letter is missing in each mini-crossword. Rearrange those letters to solve the clue.

Word Search #17-136

Can you find 12 colors in this little word search?

Word Flower #17-135

Make 6-letter words through the middle of the Word Flower by placing the pairs of letters shown. The first one is done for you!

Gaps #17-134

Fill in the gaps in words 1-6, then transfer the letters you found to the squares to find the hidden word. Watch out – the first letter you think of might not be the one you need!

Circles #17-133

Three circles, three related words. Find the missing letter and unscramble the words.

Sudoku #17-132

LUNCHTIME Sudoku! Instead of 1 to 9, use the letters LUNCHTIME to complete the sudoku puzzle. One row or column will spell the word!

Word Search #17-131

Can you find the CASTLE in this little word search?

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